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ICO security flaws make you a cybercrime target

Vulnerabilities in smart contracts, wallets, and web applications have been used to drain at least $150 million in ICO funds in just over a year. This means cybercriminals have stolen nearly 9.5% of the value of all Ethereum ICOs.

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An initial coin offering creates the ideal conditions for a cyberattack. The size of these recent ICO attacks is the proof:
Lost: $75 million Vulnerability:
Reentrancy flaw in smart contract code
Lost: $32 million Vulnerability:
Incorrect function scope in smart contract code
Lost: $8 million Vulnerability:
website vulnerabilities

Our offering

Our two-phase approach to securing your ICO is founded in deep insight of the threat landscape and innovative technology development. We allow you to ironclad your infrastructure and code in advance of the event, and protect you in real time whilst you are raising funds. This shuts down attackers before they can get a foothold.

1 In advance
Smart contract security:

Our specialists uncover vulnerabilities and logic flaws in your smart contract and help you to fix them, before testing the fixed code in a private block chain.

Web application security:

We find website application vulnerabilities and provide expert guidance to host companies on protecting themselves and their investors from these threats.

Protection of mobile apps:

This audit highlights vulnerabilities which may lead to theft of funds from investor wallets, or direct from the ICO account.

Server and infrastructure security:

Hunting for and remediating vulnerabilities in servers, OS and network infrastructure that can give attackers free reign.

Employee training:

We help employees understand, detect, and avoid social engineering attacks that start a chain reaction for malicious incursion.

2 Once live
Deployment solution:

We deploy a set of cloud-based enterprise grade countermeasures, such as a web application firewall and SIEM, to lock down your infrastructure and provide visibility of attacks.

24-hour "eyes-on" monitoring:

Our Security Operations Center monitors and responds to any and all attacks throughout your ICO.

Initial Coin Offering security

A focused and experienced team

For over a decade, our team of cybersecurity experts has been safeguarding companies, deploying technology, and building strategic partnerships.

Cybersecurity resilience experts

Prominent clients have called upon our experts to help secure infrastructure against attack, investigate breaches, and communicate effectively. A strong balance is ensured by combining regular event speakers quoted in the media with professionals responsible for large-scale security deployments and penetration tests at some of the world's biggest companies.

Strategic partnerships

Years of expertise forming strategic alliance programs, facilitated by offices in London and Boston, makes for strong relationships.

Application and blockchain security

Our application security practice is led by acclaimed experts. These specialists in source code analysis include PhD holders, authors of original research papers, and presenters at premier security events such as OWASP, Black Hat, and CanSecWest. Their previous work has spanned financial services, major U.S. technology vendors, healthcare, and Fortune 500 companies.

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